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Date of birth: January 21, 1957

Place of residence: Lyon, France

Higher education


Judo Champion of Ukraine in 1982

Master of Sports of the USSR in judo and sambo

The winner of the Ukrainian Cup of skeet shooting in 2016

Master of Sports of Ukraine in skeet shooting

Champion of France in skeet shooting (S2) 2016

World Champion of Bodyguards 1998

World Champion in certain exercises among professional snipers 2000


Skeet with Peter Kolesnyk



  1. Online Consulting
  2. Remote online coaching.
  3. Course of accelerated training in clay shooting (skeet) everywhere in Europe.

The program is designed for 16 hours of training.

Course goals:

1. Learn the basic techniques of modern shooting techniques in skeet.
2.To consolidate the acquired knowledge with special exercises.
3.To teach to use the obtained knowledge in other disciplines (sporting, compak-sporting).
4.Participants can pass a competitive test (optional).

The number of participants — from 1 to 6.

Absolutely individual approach.

The minimum number of cartridges per course is 500 pieces per participant.

The minimum number of targets for a course for one participant is 500 pieces. (Depending on the level of assimilation of the material, the participant may need more cartridges and targets).

Requirements for project participants.

Participants should be healthy.

Participants must have appropriate weapons permits and have a shotgun at the time of training (preferably 12 caliber).

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